Mooring Rope


In addition to light specific gravity, high strength, impact resistance and abrasion resistance, ship rope has the advantages of corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, moth resistance and so on.For example, the strength and wear-resisting fastness of nylon cable are several times higher than that of hemp and cotton cable, and the proportion of polypropylene cable is less than that of water, so it can float on the water surface and operate conveniently and safely.Chemical fiber cable according to the processing structure is divided into 3 strands, multi strand twisted cable and 8 strands, multi strand twisted cable two types.The diameter of 3 strands is generally 4 ~ 50 mm, and 8 strands are generally 35 ~ 120 mm.In addition to being used for mooring ships, chemical fiber cables are widely used in transportation, industry, mining, sports and fishery.

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